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What is the social media problem?

Social media is the fastest communications media. Any news spreads across the world wide user, within no time. A social media user likes, shares, and forwards without seeing the authenticity which impacts negative results. Unfortunately, Social media have become a platform for spreading rumors, community violence, fake products, fake news, and forgery information across the internet within no time.  Awkwardly frauds are using fake profiles, groups, pages to initiate these actions. Identifying such information in time and addressing those by concerned dept. is on need. Hence, to identify such information cybersena has been proposing the solution.

What we proposed?

Cybersena proposed “CyberShodha” to listen to what is being said across the cyber world. It monitors the Social Medias such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google+ and Linkedin etc.

Cybersena proposed “cyberjnana” program. Under this program, awareness of do’s , donts, and tips of usage has been circulated among users using our official platforms. Online and offline technical sessions have been organized to the needy on a request basis.  Directing short movies with real instant and assumed cyber crime scenarios are part of our cyberjnana program.

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Cybersena proposed “cyberdefence Astras” program, which gives introduction and usage details of cyber defence tools for cyber security and cyber forensics.

Cybersena proposed “Cybergurukula” with its unique training materials and tools. Under this program, many industry demands tools, technologies, apps, and softwares will be trained and ensured their skills.