Founder & Director

Dr. Dinesha H. A.  M.Tech, Ph.D., MISTE,.

Dr. Dinesha H. A. is a Founder chairman and Director of Cybersena (R&D) India Private Limited. He has been serving SGBIT, Belagavi as Associate Professor and HOD Computer Science and Engg.. He has contributed as a member of the Management Information System and Information Technology Team for COVID-19, Belagavi. He has been serving as a member of the Media Certification and Monitoring Committee for Central and State Elections Social Media Monitoring. He has shared his expertise as a member of the Technical Evaluation Committee for Belagavi Smart City. He has been consulting for cyber forensic investigation against cyber frauds from various organizations. He has conducted several awareness sessions on cybersecurity technologies in heterogeneous institutes across the Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa. He has published more than 50 research articles in national and international research platforms. He has worked on many innovative projects in various R&D in Pune and Bangalore. He has served govt. of India, Defence Research and Defence organizations excelled in data center and cyber security technologies. He has recognized for his successful deployment and operations of multiple defense technologies with respect to Datacentre, Server Virtualizations, UTM Firewall, Email, and Webserver in DMZ, etc. He has also served as an academician in many reputed engineering colleges such as PES University, Bangalore University, and Jain College of Engineering, etc.  He has excelled in virtualization technologies during his tenure at VMware Pvt. India Limited.

He has received an award of Best paper publications, InSc Young Achiever, and researcher. He has earned a Doctor of Philosophy for his research work on cloud computing security. He has supervised many Ph.D., P.G., and U.G. students on computer science and cyber defense technologies. He has completed M.Tech., B.E., Diploma in the fields of computer science and engineering. He is certified for CCNA, Virtualization, MATLAB, and Cyber Security etc. He has attended and conducted many workshops and programs in cutting edge technologies. He has various national and international professional memberships such as Institution of Engineers, Indian Society for Technical Education, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology, Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors, International Association of Engineers and Scientists, and European Alliance for Innovation, etc. He has recognized for his Computer Science, ITC, and Cybersecurity exposure. He has noted for his research area such as cyber defense, ancient defense, and data science technologies. His future vision in research, innovation, and knowledge sharing in the field of Engineering and technology have motivated me to start with Cybersena (R&D) India Private Limited. He can be contacted at Phone: +91-7767076988 and Email id: for any technology-related discussion and collaborations.