The term “Cybersena” refers to cyber soldiers. Soldiers term not only mean to human resources but also software, tools, technologies, bots that are innovating to guard cyber (IT) resources. Cyber resources are critical needs of any nation and organization which must be protected by means of Cyber Security. In case of a novel attack, though there are high-security measures, it must be traced by means of Cyber forensics. Hence, Cyber Security and Cyber Forensic are two necessities that are to be employed in IT-enabled infrastructure to facilitate complete protections on Cyber Resources. Hence, Our organization aimed to achieve these by means of innovations, implementations, and training process, popularly known as Cybersena.

Cyber Fraud and Cyber Crime are two major social issues that are to be addressed by means of awareness, training, and consultation services. Cyber Terrorism and Cyber War are two world wide challenges that should be addressed by continuos research, innovation and development on security aspects.


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